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NOTE: Most of these files are unavailable. This page is mostly to preserve the changes between genomes.

Creature Labs C-genome modifications

Release 1 C252.gen
This was the first genome to be released by Cyberlife Technology Ltd., with the UK and US masters of Creatures 2.

Patch C255.gen
Three generations after the original release, c255 incorporated several areas of improvement. Several instincts were changed to improve eating behaviour, and new instincts added to discourage listless behaviour when bored. A hierarchy of drive significance was introduced, so that some of the more life-or-death drives had more of an influence over the Norns' behaviour. The uterus-damaging effects of adipose tissue were moved to the heart, and the degree of injury was reduced. 2 new systems were added to better regulate glycolysis and gluconeogenesis. To improve behaviour associated with eating the rate at which Norns became hungry was reduced, and the nutritive value of food was increased. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration were both re-tuned, and an oxygen transport system initially conceived by Lis Morris was added. There were many tweaks to stimuli in order to improve behaviour. Released via the web.

Release 2 (Remaster) C256.gen
The ageing rate was updated to improve the times spent at each lifestage. A dancing gait was added, and the reward system was retuned in line with developments made by Lis Morris. The remaster version is the second production run of Creatures 2.

Santa Santa.gen
Santa was infertile, and had several stimulus changes to improve joviality. Released in Christmas Pack 98.

Goldy Norn Gold.gen
Different appearance genes only. Released in Life Kit #1.

CDN Member Genomes
Carbos genome - Laurie Mahieu

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