Create .agent files for DS and C3

The method in C3:
Creatures 3 agent files already exist and use the PRAY chunk type AGNT. Generally it is down to the COS file of the agent to specify the injection location (either the absolute location of the C3 creator or a world location to inject to).

Changes with DS:
AGNT chunk remains but new chunk called DSAG created to enhance the agent format and define agents specifically for DS. DS Injector and C3 Creator (when docked to DS) now set game variables called "CreatorX" and "CreatorY" when the inject button is pressed. In the injection part of your COS file you no longer need to specify an absolute location for the creator, but instead can check for these variables and use them if they exist. This means new agent files can be injected by either the C3 creator (docked) or the DS Injector and will appear in the expected location.

How this affects existing agents:
It doesn't :-) Old C3 agents will still work fine with C3, and will probably work ok with Docking Station in docked mode only. Docking Station has improved injection stability which means that if there is something wrong with the agent (invalid map location, missing files etc) the injector will not crash out and leave you with no way to inject agents. Instead it will display the error message on the DS Injector screen. NOTE: Most C3 agents will generally not work in DS stand-alone - this is because the injection location contained in the agent doesn't physically exist in the DS Capillata.

How this affects new agents:
If you create agent files you will need to decide whether you want it to work with C3 standalone, DS standalone, DS docked or all versions. Which platform you decide will dictate what you have to do to acheive this.
---C3 standalone---
Create your agent files as per the existing instructions on the CDN website. Use the AGNT chunk.
---DS standalone---
Create your agent files as per the exisiting instructions on the CDN website. You can use the "CreatorX" and "CreatorY" variables for positioning if you want it to come out of the creator, otherwise use absolute locations. Use the DSAG chunk.
---DS docked or any version---
Create a PRAY template that has both a DSAG and AGNT chunk to define your agent (you only need to specify the "inline FILE" part once at the end of your template). IMPORTANT: The names of these chunks *must* be different, this can be achieved with small formatting differences such as full-stops, capitalisation etc. If you want to make the object come out of the injector/creator: Use the "CreatorX" and "CreatorY" variables for positioning. If these variables don't exist then you will need to choose a location that is C3 safe. If you want to inject it to a particular location: the string game variable called "ds_game_type" will return whether the game is "docked" or "undocked" - you can then base the location for injection on this.