C3 and DS Cheat Sheet

Toggle CAOS Command LineShift + CTRL +C
Enable debug keysSetv game engine_debug_keys 1 rgam
Perform debug pause. No ticking events sent.Shift + Pause
Force a tick even when debug pausedShift + Space
Toggles map line displayShift + Insert
Move to previous metaroomShift + Page Up
Move to next metaroomShift + Page Down
Cycle through display resolutionsShift + Home
Toggles object of attention boxShift + Delete
Toggles skeleton update speed (normal/double)Shift + End
Useful CAOS sequences: 
Teach all creatures all languageEnum 4 0 0 vocb next
Kill all of a particular agentEnum X X X kill targ next
Allow pickup activation by clickingScrp 2 24 4 1 mesg wrt+ ownr 12345 50 5 0 endm

Downloads:   C3/DS Cheetsheet PDF