PRAY Mistakes

The most common problem is a simple one to fix and that is to make sure you make no spelling mistakes! PRAYBuilder may not help you spot these typos so if something unexpected happens at some stage make sure that you have spelt everything correctly.

Common problems

Problem Diagnosis Cure
Double-clicking the PRAYBuilder.exe resulted in a DOS window appearing for a small amount of time and then vanishing. Praybuilder is a command line program and will not run properly by double-clicking it. You need to specify paramaters, which state which file will be used. Use it properly! Read the other PRAY sections for instructions, and remember that to run it you need to use a command line.
I typed in the command line and got the message 'PRAYBuilder takes _exactly_ one parameter' Most likely you are using a template file that has a space in it. For example "my template.txt". Because it is a command line program praybuilder requires the file to be named without a space. Simply replace spaces in your file name with underscores. For example, use "my_template.txt" rather than "my template.txt".
I typed in the command line and got the message 'Error on line 0. Expecting Quoted String, got ***LEX ERROR***' There are two reasons for this:

(a) You didn't include the file extension in the command line you typed.

(b) You missed out the first section of the template file which dictates the language to use.

(a) you should use praybuilder my_template.txt rather than praybuilder my_template.

(b) add "en-gb" to the template file. See the other PRAY sections for example templates, all of them use this.
While the PRAYBuilder was building my agent file it produced a message like this: "Parsing inline chunk ...
Oh dear, couldn't open the file"
This means that a file specified in the template file using the inline FILE setting could not be found.Make sure that it is spelt correctly and exists in the folder in which you are executing PRAYBuilder.
I successfuly made an agent but when I try and inject something goes wrong. There can be a few reasons for this.

(a) Spelling mistake in the template somewhere that means things don't get packaged correctly

(b) The Dependency Count setting has less entries than the number of dependencies specified in the template

(b) The dependent files themselves were not packaged into the agent file
(a) Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your template file

(b) Verify that the number of dependencies you specify with 'Dependency Count' actually matches up with the number of dependencies you then specify individually.

(c) Make sure all dependent files (that don't exist in the shipped version) are packaged into the agent file using the inline FILE setting.
Well, the same as the above but all the cures you provided didn't help ... the creator tries to create my agent but then nothing comes out. There is probably a problem with the COS that was used to make the agent in the first place. Check your error log for entries that would show that your agent has been auto-killed.

If you own the CAOS tool you can inject straight from the COS to test the agent and make sure it works.