CAOS Language Guide

If you have the CAOS Tool you can pull up an up-to-date list of CAOS commands simply from the 'help' menu, but for those of you without there is still a way to query the engine and get this essential documentation.

The information can be presented in two ways - an alphabetical listing of the commands, or a categorical listing. Both formats are useful so it is worth getting both.
Open up the CAOS command line in-game (ctrl-shift-c) and type in the following ... enter this all on one line:

file oope 1 "CAOS alphabetical.html" 0 dbg: html 0 file oclo

After you have done this you should find a file called "CAOS alphabetical.html" has been created in your main journal folder.

To create the categorical version, type the following:

file oope 1 "CAOS categorical.html" 0 dbg: html 1 file oclo

This creates the file "CAOS categorical.html" in the same place. These commands allow you keep up-to-date with the latest CAOS in your engine.