In Game Specifics

Ecology Kit

The Ecology Kit has a useful function that allows you to monitor the wherabouts and movement of various things within Albia. But did you know you can add your own things to it and so monitor whatever you like? Within the Creatures 2 directory there is a folder called AppletData - and within this there is a file called AgentShema.txt. You can alter this text file by removing entries, or adding your own. Each entry is of the form display_name|familyID|genusID|speciesID|. Where display_name is the wording that will appear in the Eco Kit, and familyID, genusID, speciesID is the classifier for the object you want to add to the list. For example, to see where all the storm clouds are in the world you would add: Storm Cloud|2|14|2|

Chemical mixing machine

The Chemical Mixing Machine is capable of dispensing 40 different chemicals, with up to 4 being used in a single concoction. The following lists what level of each tube will produce.

level of fluidGreenRedBlueYellow
1PainBoredomStarchHistamine A
2Need for pleasureAngerFatHistamine B
3HungerSex driveProteinSleep Toxin
4ColdnessInjuryWaterFever Toxin
5HotnessSuffocationBelladonnaInsulin shot
6TirednessThirstGeddonaseGlycogen synthetase
8LonlinessDec ASH 2AlcoholProstroglandin
9CrowdedCon ASHVitaim EEDTA
10FearDec ASH 1Vitaim CSodium thiosulphate


Zander fish will School and mate on the 4th day of Summer, lay eggs on the 1st day of Autumn and the eggs will hatch on the 3rd day of Autumn.

The Sea Monster will come out of hiding if he can see more than 5 Zander fish swimming nearby.