This tool is a professional quality tool that allows you to do all things CAOS related.

It is fully syntax aware and will not allow you to inject anything that is incorrect, but rather than just blindly stopping you it lets you know what the problem is and what was expected - which makes tracking the problem a doddle! All COS files when opened in this tool will be formated and colour coded for easier viewing.

It features the ability to inject the whole COS file; just the install script; just the event scripts or just the remove script. This makes it easier to keep your code for one object in just the one file and speeds up development time.

Other features include:

This really is the best tool around for working and managing COS files - which are the life blood of all things CAOS. It's so good that all of the Creature Labs agents were created with it!

Important: You need to enter the following case-sensitive username and password to install this product:


Downloads:   CAOS Tool v1.002