Map Editor

The Map Editor is a highly graphical tool that allows you to create new metarooms (the name for the distinct areas of the ship - for example the Norn Meso, the Workshop, the Jungle Terrarium etc) or alter existing ones. You can take any image you have made and turn it into the basis for a new room system. Simply create the image and draw the individual rooms on the map with the Map Editor!

The Map Editor is designed to allow you to create both expansion rooms - rooms that will add onto your DS/C3/CIE world - and also complete new room systems to override the originals.

Product Features
Advanced features of the Map Editor include the ability to alter and edit the cellular Automata (CA) system that powers the environment within Creatures 3 and Docking Station. The CA system is responsible for dictating how the smells spread around the world - how fast heat dissipates - how moisture moves from room to room - and many other factors too.

Other features include:

You must have Creatures 3 installed in order to use this product! Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/2000, probably XP (but has not been specifically tested on this platform).

Important: You need to enter the following case-sensitive username and password to install this product:


Downloads:   Map Editor v1.08