Pose gene information

Pose Genes are made up of a 15 character string, the ordering of each element is as follows:

Left Thigh
Left Shin
Left Foot
Right Thigh
Right Shin
Right Foot
Left Humerus
Left Radius
Right Humerus
Right Radius
Tail Root
Tail Tip

The meaning of each pose gene element is explained below:

Direction - 0: Face away from screen
Direction - 1: Face out of screen
Direction - 2: Face right
Direction - 3: Face left
Direction: - ?: Face towards _IT_
Direction - !: Face away from _IT_
Head - ?: Look towards _IT_
For all Parts - 0, 1, 2, 3: Furthest down/back pose to furthest up/forward pose. Each body part has 4 degrees of rotation on it to the left and right.
For all Parts - X: No change in part arrangement