Favorite Places in DS

The Favourite Places mechanism was completely rewritten for Docking Station so that it was easier to add new metarooms and have them use the system.

If you have created a new metaroom addition to the ship, it is straightforward to utilise the Favourite Places mechanism and this in turn makes it easier for the player to navigate around the ship.

Here is an explanation of what the mechanism entails:
A Favourite Place is defined as a single metaroom - you can not use this mechanism to make multiple Favourite Places within a single metaroom.

You need a sprite file containing 3 images. The first of these is the signpost and is located in the world, in your new metaroom. The signpost detects when it is on-screen and launches the Favourite Place Icon (if it doesn't exist already) and highlights it.
The second and third images are for the Favourite Place Icon - normal and highlight.
Have a look at one of the existing Docking Station sprite files if this is unclear - they are call named "fav_place_XXXXX.c16" where XXXXX is the name of the area. For example, "fav_place_comms.c16" contains the 3 icons need to make a favourite place for the Comms room.

Once you have created your sprite file, you need to place your signpost in the area you want to mark as a favourite place. The classifier of the signpost should be in the family=1 genus=3 group ... with a species number unique to your own signpost. The signpost should have a timer set to 10.
Here is an example, the signpost creation CAOS for the Norn Meso:

new: simp 1 3 10 "fav_place_meso" 1 0 1  
attr 272  
mvto 470 9080  
tick 10  

You do not need to supply any scripts at all!
The signposts all use a generic script that simply detects whether they are on screen and launches the favourite place icon if needed.
The Favourite Place icon uses a family=1 genus=4 classifier, and the species number will match the one you chose for the signpost.

And that is it!
Hopefully nice and simple, and it works.