Genetic Stimuli

A major change in Creatures 3 is that genetic stimuli are used more. These have the advantage in that different creatures can have different perceptions of agents ... and these perceptions can change and mutate over generations. For the first time the response of a creature to the stimulus of an agent is defined within the creature itself. This potential has always existed in the Creatures range, but with C3 it was used extensively.

These genetic stimuli should be used for all agents and they provide a nice, standard way to construct agents. The values given in the table below are for the generation-zero response to the stim ... custom genomes or mutations may make the specific gains from a stimulus different.

Some of the stimuli are repeated across different categories of agent, the only difference is the magnitude of the stimulus. With C3 you can specify a stimulus number, and also how many times it will be applied.
The syntax for this depends on the exact STIM command you use, but a common one is listed below:

STIM WRIT <creature> <stim#> <strength>

Where strength is the 'how many times this stim will be applied' value.

For example, in the table below you can see that eating a seed will give 3 times the stimulus of eating a leaf ... this means all the quantities for the chemicals supplied by eating a leaf are trebled.

Category and eventStim#Effect on NornsEffect on GrendelsEffect on Ettins
Eat Leaf


eat plant

hunger4carb -0.1
starch +0.1
hunger4fat -0.05
fat +0.05

same as Nornsame as Norn
Eat Seed


eat plant x3

Eat Fruit


eat fruit

hunger4protein -0.3
protein +0.3
hunger4carb -0.1
starch +0.1

same as Nornsame as Norn
Eat Food


eat food

hunger4fat -0.3
fat +0.3
hunger4protein -0.1
protein +0.1

same as Nornsame as Norn
Eat Insects


eat animal

hunger4protein -0.1
protein +0.1
hunger4fat -0.05
fat +0.05

same as Nornsame as Norn
Eat Eggs


eat animal x2

Eat Beasts


eat animal x5

Eat Critter


eat animal x4

Eat Detritus


eat detritus

pain +0.1
glycotoxin +0.02

same as Nornsame as Norn
Eat Manky (alcoholic)


eat alcohol

pain -0.1
boredom -0.1
alcohol +0.1

same as Nornsame as Norn
Activate + Eat + Get Weed


interact with dangerous plant

pain +0.3
injury 0.05
same as Nornsame as Norn
Activate + Get Flower


interact with friendly plant

loneliness -0.1no effectsame as Norn
Activate + Get Bug


play with bug

boredom -0.2
loneliness -0.1
boredom -0.1
loneliness -0.1
same as Norn
Activate + Get Critter


play with critter

anger -0.2
loneliness -0.1

loneliness -0.1same as Norn
Hit Critter


hit critter

no effectanger -0.15no effect
Activate + Get Pest


play with dangerous animal

pain +0.2
fear +0.1
pain +0.2
anger +0.05
Activate + Get Beast


play with dangerous animal x3

Activate Button


activate button

boredom -0.2boredom -0.1boredom -0.1
Activate Machinery


activate machinery

boredom -0.2
Get Machinery


got machinery

boredom -0.1boredom -0.1boredom -1
Hit Machinery


hit machinery

boredom -0.15
Get Creature Egg


got creature egg

boredom -0.1boredom -1boredom -0.1