C3 Bootstrap V2

Inside your Bootstrap folder you will find a whole pile of COS files, and if you're adventurous and have opened one of these up you'll notice it's full of gibberish. As you should know by now that gibberish is the CAOS language but even so, it can be pretty hard to understand what is going on in some of those files because the nasty people that created them didn't put any comments in!

This isn't strictly true, because the original versions did have comments in - it was just that we didn't have time before release to make sure those comments were actually suitable for a public audience (little kids really do hate to hear us swearing).

Well, suffer no more because on this page you will find a link to download the exact same COS files but this time with any comments left in them. They've all been classed as PG rating and should cause no offense to anyone :-)

The amount of commenting in the files varies from agent to agent (and author to author), just because they are in this ZIP doesn't guarantee that the author actually made the effort to comment their code!

NOTE: These COS files are for the latest version of Creatures 3 (C3 with Update 2 patch applied). Earlier versions may not be completely compatible.

Downloads:   Bootstrap V2