Compound Parts - Introduction

A Compound Objects is a type of agent that can have parts specified for it. These parts can take the form of buttons (which trigger events when pressed), text parts (for displaying text), animation parts (which can animate independently of the whole agent) and many others.

All Compound Objects are initially created using NEW: COMP, and then the parts can be assigned to them using the various PAT: commands.

The part you create using NEW: COMP is called part 0, so the numbering of additional parts should start at 1.

Parts of a Compound Object do not need to be in the same sprite file anymore, you can mix and match parts from different files.

Parts of a Compound Object do not need to be contained within the area of part 0 anymore.

Compound Objects are now capable of having exactly the same ATTR values as Simple Objects ... this means they can be carried, can have physics acting on them, suffer collisions etc.

You can remove parts of a Compound Object using PAT: KILL

The font sprite files cannot use the compressed format, and the ones shipped with the game are as follows: