Room Types

The C3 world is divided into metarooms, a metaroom is divided into rooms, and rooms are classed with a room type. Easy isn't it?

Metaroom IDName
0Norn Terrarium
1Desert Terrarium
2Marine Terrarium
3Jungle Terrarium
4Main Ship
5<testing area>
6<testing area>
7Learning Room
9Creator display room

Individual Room ID's are assigned dynamically ... this means you should never assume a particular room number when creating anything that uses specific rooms (for example, doors). You should always calculate the Room ID's needed at the beginning of each session. This only becomes a problem when 3rd party rooms are added to the world.

**Room Types
**Using the RTYP command will allow you to return the type of a room - but what do these numbers mean?

RTYP numberName
1Wooden walkway
2Concrete walkway
3Indoor concrete
4Outdoor concrete
5Normal soil
6Boggy soil
7Drained soil
8Fresh water
9Salt water
10Ettin den

These divisions of room types are mainly used for defining the Cellular Automata (CA) processing in that room ... for example, the CA element for 'moisture' has a higher disipation rate in 'Drained Soil' than in 'Boggy Soil'.

Other agents can use this division though to detect the kind of room they are in ... for example, many agents perform a check to see whether they are in a water room (either fresh or salt), and to then alter their actions if they are.