Random Pearls of Wisdom

Ambient Music track names - for the RMSC command:

If in a timer script you use a wait command that is longer than the timer tick, the wait will be acted upon and once the timer has finished running the next one will execute straight away. Timers do not interupt themselves.

Variables are 32 bit signed integers

The engine will automatically add and remove objects from the free fall list as needed, but you can use the grav command to meddle yourself.

setv grav 1 - puts and object on the free-fall list. This means that every tick it will recieve acceleration due to gravity (based on the objects accg
attribute) on it's Y velocity

setv grav 0 - remove an object from the free-fall list. Velocity is not changed i.e. it has the velocity it last had under gravity.

In order for an object to use the grav commands it must have attributes that allow this i.e. +128 on attr.

To remove all scenery objects from the world use the CAOS fragment: escn 1 0 0 kill targ nscn

Creatures occupy image planes 1000-3000

Important: If you use a developer build of the creatures2.exe you will have access to the log menu - but you are strongly advised to use capital letters in dbgm messages. The reason for this is that the macro parser will pickup CAOS commands even if they are inside a debug message. For example, dbgm [sending message] if used in a doif - endi construct would cause an error because the endi within sending would be picked up as the end of the doif construct.

If you kill the ower of a script immediately after it has sent a message to another agent (mesg wrt+ or mesg writ), that message may not be received. A short wait should fix the problem. E.g. mesg wrt+ targ 255 0 0 0 kill ownr may have the problem of targ not receiving the message, but changing it to: mesg wrt+ targ 255 0 0 0 wait 1 kill targ should resolve the problem.

Miscellaneous targ commands
star will never set targ to the object calling this command

rtar may set targ to the object calling this command

targ 0 has no effect

targ x, where x>0 will set targ to 0 (null) if x does not exist

Miscellaneous Default Values
Default value for rnge is 500

Default value for size is 127

Default value for accg is 10

Default value for rest is 40

Default value for aero is 20

Blackboard objects can have a maximum of 48 concepts assigned to them.

impt has a value between 0-127