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GenesisThe Genesis server. The most recent incarnation, to my knowledge.Local Copy
nrhtr Genesis ForkA fork of the Genesis server with some code cleanup.Local Copy

Core Databases
ColdCoreThe official core database. [Local copy is ColdCore 3.1]Local Copy
MinimalCoreA minimum foundation ($root, $sys, ColdCore general libraries, network daemon) for creating a new database from scratch. This is the official minimal database. [Version 4.0] (Readme)
SmallCoreAnother minimal ColdC database. It contains a programmers port, basic network object, and some programming commands. (Readme)Local Copy
NetStartAn extremely minimal database consisting of enough networking code to accept a single connection. (Textdump) (Readme)Local Copy
XidusCoreAn alternative core (last released beta) featuring: Networking/login, template-based parsing system, coding commands, and basic building commands. (Readme)Local Copy
ColdHellA VR database expanded off Cold Paradigm originally written by Michael Mudge. ColdHell has added RPG/Hack and Slash features.Local Copy
ColdWebA very basic web server supporting HTTP/1.0. (Readme)
AbsoluteZeroAn abandoned core that added help, pronoun substitution, and 'other things' to World-0.6. This is an archived database and likely not suitable as a modern starting point.
FrozenApplesA database that added a rewritten I/O object system, rewritten @d, and some cleanup to World-0.6. This is an archived database and likely not suitable as a modern starting point.
World-0.6 (Glacier)The database released with the pre-Genesis server, serving as the foundation for modern cores. This is an archived database and likely not suitable as a modern starting point.
FTP ArchiveAn unorganized listing of databases scraped from various old FTP archives.

Help System DumpA dump of the help system made in 2017 from ColdCore v3.1
lisdude's Cold StuffVarious documents and scripts I've written to ease the transition from MOO to Genesis.
New Admin GuideA very basic guide to administering a ColdCore database.
ColdCore Frequency Asked QuestionsFrequency asked questions about ColdCore, circa 1997.
ColdMUD Frequency Asked QuestionsFrequency asked questions about ColdMUD.
A Novice's Guide to ColdCore ProgrammingA series of tutorials on programming and building in ColdCore, circa 1997.
Xidus NotesSome reference material written by Xidus.Local Copy
Website ArchiveAn archive of the website. [Local copy cloned 8-22-17]Local Copy
ColdMUD Quick ReferenceA reference document giving examples of various function usages.
MOO vs ColdA comparison of the performance of the LambdaMOO server vs Genesis.
MOO vs Cold (2017)The same comparison updated in 2017 for the most recent versions of the MOO and Genesis servers.
Cold MUD DatabaseA brief technical overview of the Cold Mud database.

Code Snippets
Securing Remote CommandsRemove the ability to reference any object from any location.
Backup ScriptThis is a rewritten version of the dbbin/backup script that includes the option to make textdump backups.

Emacs ColdC ModeAn Emacs minor mode for ColdC formatting.Local Copy

Mailing List Archives
ColdStuff #1ColdStuff mailing list from 1998-2001.
ColdStuff #2ColdStuff mailing list from 2001-2003.
ColdStuff Archive1993-2001. Seems to differ from the other coldstuff lists.Zipped