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    That has been a pet project of mine for several years now, as many
annoyed veterans of this forum can atest. *grin* I would say that Cold is
more geared towards a MOO/MUCK environment than a hack n' slash MUD. This is
because a MUD handles all of it's objects as templates that are duplicated
in memory while each object in Cold is an actual object in the database.
Forgive my ineptitude at explaining this, folks...

    Scott on Cold Dark is the owner/developer of a HIGHLY successful game
called The Eternal City. I can only guess at how his code looks, but it is
proof that Cold can make a great gaming engine. I myself have developed a
great deal in the way of stats, races, and items. I'm still struggling over
the idea of how to make basic AI for the creatures for stuff like wandering
and such, but I've been taking baby steps on it for this long... I'll figger
it out. The key is not to limit yourself by the scope of DIKU-type MUDs...
if you walk into this AWESOME piece of code that is ColdCore expecting
something similar you've got another thang coming.

    If you're interested in seeing what I've done so far, I'd be happy to
show off a bit... though I'm not handing code out just yet. Drop the forum a
line and I'll zap you my addie and stuffage. Good luck and happy coding!

- Andy
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> hi
> we intend to develop a mud flexible gaming architecture
> how cud genesis be use ful to me
> pls reply
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