[Coldstuff] helllo small query

Adam Cormany acormany@home.com
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 11:42:36 -0500

I'd be interested in seeing your set up of your Cold code so far. I've been
working on trying to get a game on Cold for a year or two now and I'm stuck
also on the way to handle enemies. I can handle only a handful of monsters,
but if I have a mass amount, I may as well shut Cold down because of how
slow it's going. Sometime I catch you on your site, I'll bring you over to
mine and show you what i've done so far. What's your site?

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> Heya,
>     That has been a pet project of mine for several years now, as many
> annoyed veterans of this forum can atest. *grin* I would say that Cold is
> more geared towards a MOO/MUCK environment than a hack n' slash MUD. This
> because a MUD handles all of it's objects as templates that are duplicated
> in memory while each object in Cold is an actual object in the database.
> Forgive my ineptitude at explaining this, folks...
>     Scott on Cold Dark is the owner/developer of a HIGHLY successful game
> called The Eternal City. I can only guess at how his code looks, but it is
> proof that Cold can make a great gaming engine. I myself have developed a
> great deal in the way of stats, races, and items. I'm still struggling
> the idea of how to make basic AI for the creatures for stuff like
> and such, but I've been taking baby steps on it for this long... I'll
> it out. The key is not to limit yourself by the scope of DIKU-type MUDs...
> if you walk into this AWESOME piece of code that is ColdCore expecting
> something similar you've got another thang coming.
>     If you're interested in seeing what I've done so far, I'd be happy to
> show off a bit... though I'm not handing code out just yet. Drop the forum
> line and I'll zap you my addie and stuffage. Good luck and happy coding!
> - Andy
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> > hi
> > we intend to develop a mud flexible gaming architecture
> > how cud genesis be use ful to me
> > pls reply
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