[Coldstuff] Cold Project Help Wanted: Genesis Release Engineer

brandon@roguetrader.com brandon@roguetrader.com
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 09:44:29 -0700

People continue to work on Cold, and there are a few varied and
discrete collections of patches.  The interest has not waned but
releases of unified code for the driver becomes more and more
infrequent--primarily because of a lack of motivation/time on my
behalf, and I am causing the general community to suffer because of it.
With this in mind, I would like to consider additional help.  We
could use a Release Engineer who's sole purpose would be to
collect changes from people around the world and merge them into
a single release.  The acceptability of the patches should still
be considered communally, and the release engineer doesn't
necessarily have to do the code development themselves.  However,
they would need a bit of developmental skills.  The requirements
as I see them are experience with the following:

  C programming language, make, unix build environments, bourne
  shell scripting, autoconf, unix shells in general, ssh, ftp site
  administration, cvs.

In addition to this would be references from other people supporting a
moderate level of trust and reliability.

How do people feel about this?  Lets hear feedback and whatnot.  If
you have interest in filling this position, reply to me privately.  If
this is something we want to do, we can figure out how to go from

-Brandon Gillespie