[Coldstuff] Coldcore initialisaton problem

John Timothy Murphy jtm1@student.cs.ucc.ie
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:09:06 +0000

Hi there,
   I was hoping someone could give me hand with an installaton problem
I'm having. As I'm installing cold for the first time I'm not sure if
I'm making some simple mistake.
   I downloaded & unzipped both ColdCore-STABLE.tar.gz and
Genesis.tar.gz I didn't have any problems with that or the make with
genesis. However after moving the coldcc and genesis programs to the
coldcore directory it just prints out:

ColdCore-3.0.1999-08-28> coldcc -t coldcore
Compiling database...
[26 Nov 2001 15:56] FAILED TO START: Cannot open dbm database file.

It's in the same directory as the coldcore file and it just can't seem
to find it
Thanks for any help

            Eoin Murphy       Comp Sci IV