[Coldstuff] Coldcore initialisaton problem

Bruce Mitchener bruce@puremagic.com
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 09:15:40 -0700

John Timothy Murphy wrote:
 >    I downloaded & unzipped both ColdCore-STABLE.tar.gz and
 > Genesis.tar.gz I didn't have any problems with that or the make with
 > genesis. However after moving the coldcc and genesis programs to the
 > coldcore directory it just prints out:
 > ColdCore-3.0.1999-08-28> coldcc -t coldcore
 > Compiling database...
 > [26 Nov 2001 15:56] FAILED TO START: Cannot open dbm database file.

That's odd.

Make sure there's no directory or file there already called 'binary' and 
make sure that you have all of the appropriate write permissions.

Failing that, what OS are you running, what gcc version did you use and 
so on?

  - Bruce