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Jonathan Ross coldstuff@cold.org
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:05:59 -0000

   You may or may not know this but I've been playing around with byte-code
interpreters for a while now writing test code, documentation, etc (I
finally hit the 100KB mark in documentation and over 2,000 lines of VC++
test code; 25KB .txt and 78KB .doc).  However, I'm by far no expert and
hearing the options on clusters reminded me of that.  I had intended to
include a built in form of clustering and the ability to call functions on
individual registered objects over networks;  I never considered that there
might be other ways to do it.

   Now to the point.  I realize that this mailing list is for ColdCore and
the related components as well as usage.  Many of the people on this list
have vastly superior experience when it comes to byte-code languages and I
would love to tap that knowledge.  Therefore I'd like to ask permission to
ask questions regarding the driver I'm developing on this list.  It may not
directly relate to Genesis or ColdCore but I'm sure some of the discussion
will correlate and possibly be of use in helping decide the development tree
of the driver.

--Jonathan Ross

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> From: "Edward L. Haletky" <elh@astroarch.com>
> > How about working in a clustered environment?
> What do you mean by clustered?  I could be one of:
> 1) Cold-Standby HA fail-over such as with Veritas Cluster Server or
>    perhaps a linux HA cluster product.
> 2) Parallel clustered where multiple drivers run on different nodes,
>    using the same DB
> 3) A group of dbs virtually linked at the core layer, instead of the
>    DB layer, to provide the ability to cross between servers.
> -Brandon
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