[Coldstuff] SQL...

Bruce Mitchener coldstuff@cold.org
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 11:23:10 -0700

Jonathan Ross wrote:

>    Now to the point.  I realize that this mailing list is for ColdCore and
> the related components as well as usage.  Many of the people on this list
> have vastly superior experience when it comes to byte-code languages and I
> would love to tap that knowledge.  Therefore I'd like to ask permission to
> ask questions regarding the driver I'm developing on this list.  It may not
> directly relate to Genesis or ColdCore but I'm sure some of the discussion
> will correlate and possibly be of use in helping decide the development tree
> of the driver.

MUD-Dev is a much better place for that sort of discussion and those of 
us that do driver dev for Cold are on that list.

See http://www.kanga.nu/ for information and to subscribe.

I also have a site that covers some of these topics and will cover more 
as people contribute the appropriate content:


  - Bruce