[Coldstuff] SQL...

Jon A. Lambert coldstuff@cold.org
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:37:17 -0500

> elh@astroarch.com wrote
> Subject: Re: [Coldstuff] SQL...
> Well to be specific, an SQL database so that I can use a form of database clustering 
> without affecting coldcore in any way. This could be for an HA cluster or for a 
>  beowulf cluster, etc.

It's fairly trivial to write an SQL backend for Cold.  
Or I should say to write a trivial backend of this sort:

Cold DB
  key        data
  objectid   blob/image

But then GDBMS will outperform it anyways.  
No benefits of relational are realized except possibly distribution.

It is NOT trivial to map the Cold object model to a relational model.
One reason is Cold objects are runtime dynamic.  Relational database 
schemas are not runtime dynamic... well they are not designed to be 
efficient in changing schemas although most now at least support 
dynamic DDL.

In fact very few ODBMSs will  handle the dynamic nature of the Cold 

Database clustering or distribution should be handled transparent to 
Cold, but the available features and implementation vary quite a bit 
among RDBMSs.  

Yes, go to Mud-dev and search the archives.  
Lot's of good mud DB info there. :-)

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