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> Another note, I've got a few misc. questions...
> 1. What platforms does "Cold" program using? ie the
> developers of the initial Genesis, coldcc...

   Not sure what you mean by that.

> 2. Is anyone currently running Genesis on a Windows
> 2000 Server?  if so are you having any issues?

   I ran one for a while on Win2k Profetional, the only issue I had was not
all of the functions/natives methods are fully or even partially
implemented.  Over all though it performs well and is just as stable as far
as I can tell.

> 3. I haven't looked too much at the backup script that
> has been previously done, I did mine in just a few
> hours, minutes after I figured out how to get the
> datestamp on it. Is there an option to do both binary
> and text at the same time?  Is there an automated way
> of testing it in the script yet? (I'll probably have
> another server pick the backup up and do extensive
> testing on it. I'm tired of losing data from little
> things going wrong like power outages and such.)

   Not my area... I'm sure someone else will answer that.

> 4. Is there a way to look at a "binary" DB and edit
> it, or get parts of it to decompile to a textdump
> file?

   I think what you want is described on the following page under the
Compiling/Decompiling a database section; unless you literally meant


> Jonathan
> Aeternity

    I thought you guys at Aeternity were using LPC :)  How's everything
going, and is this Aephir?

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