[Coldstuff] IP Masq / forwarding

Jonathan Robertson coldstuff@cold.org
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:16:38 -0800 (PST)

Well, here's my current plans for the future layout
and network design.

It'll start with just the core server on it's own with
a firewall.  Adding machines later on to host a DEV
version of the core for testing and so forth. 
Eventually move all of our Web, News, Mail, FTP (staff
use) server(s) behind it as well on their own box. 
I'm also thinking (very far future) having one of the
servers be a host for everyone that works for AE
getting an installation of Norton AntiVirus Corporate
Edition to ensure our staff's security. That was the
reason for throwing up VelociRaptor, soon to be called
Symantec Enterprise Firewall Appliance and VPN.  Plus
I get nice discounts considering my day job is at
Symantec supporting the stuff..


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