[Coldstuff] Ports with Genesis & ColdC

Jonathan Robertson coldstuff@cold.org
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 17:42:56 -0800 (PST)

Ok, trying to keep this place lively ;)

I don't recall getting any answers on my question a
bit back on ports, my apology if I overlooked it.

If I set ipchains to only allow 1138, sometimes I can
get in, normally I can't (locally), so I started
watching the ports and I was able to narrow it down to
port 1033 is where the data was getting blocked at. 
Open up 1033 and bang, I could get in the core every
time.  Any idea what causes that?

Next question is on the newer backup script that does
all the good stuff ;) It works great for creating
them, I came home today and tf had a bunch of messages
saying unable to rename (_binary-..... >-binary-....
The textdump files do get created and compressed (VERY
NICE!!!) and the temp stuff is removed, but the binary
databases are still there in the binary-2002022010
kind  of folder names, currently only 65 megs each but
that adds up pretty quick.  Is there a variable I'm
missing or do I need to update the script to clean up
the binary folders?


~Eyes are going crossed from reading so many years of
backlogged cold postings~

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