[Coldstuff] Ports with Genesis & ColdC

Bruce Mitchener coldstuff@cold.org
Sat, 23 Feb 2002 17:03:01 -0700

Khepri wrote:
> Has anyone seen the other thing I've seen with the ports?
> If I set ipchains to only allow 1138, sometimes I can
> get in, normally I can't (locally), so I started
> watching the ports and I was able to narrow it down to
> port 1033 is where the data was getting blocked at. Open up 1033 and 
> bang, I could get in the core every
> time.  Any idea what causes that?

I've no idea whatsoever.  Have you tried running tcpdump or something 
similar to grab all of the data on that port to see what it is?

The Colds that I run at home aren't ColdCore, but I have no problems 
like that, I just open up the correct ports.

  - Bruce