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[COLD] Genesis patch 14 and ColdCore 3.0 ALPHA3

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sun Sep 22 12:07:11 1996 )

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 09:57:34 -0600 (MDT)
From: Brandon Gillespie <brandon@glacier.cold.org>
To: coldstuff@cold.org

Both are available now.  Genesis Changes (Note the function name changes):

      * at one point I had an odd idea to allow people to submit bytecode
        as well as lists of strings.  I adjusted the method handling
        functions in anticipation of this, and later realized what a
        nightmare this would be.  To cleanup the changes I have made the
        following alterations:
            compile()    => deleted--nobody uses this anyway
            decompile()  => list_method()
            get_method() => method_bytecode()
        The only things this will effect are methods which call decompile(),
        which will need to be changed to call list_method() instead.  If
        you used get_method() change it as well (most people did not know
        it existed).
      * Changed configure to read the module configuration from
        src/modules/mod.conf, rather than having it hardcoded (Brandon)
      * coldcc now decompiles with object numbers by default, not mapping
        everything to a name (it still binds the name).  You use '-#' to
        turn off objnum printing over objname (i.e. -# to get the older
        behaviour).  Objnums are much faster than names--this is noticed
        most on larger db's (10MB+ text) (Brandon)
      * after much trevail a small but impacting db corruption bug was
        found (in regard to floats).  (Miro)
      * Fixed a ~fpe bug reported by Brad
      * Added ~inf which can be thrown if the resulting value is Inf or NaN
      * removed descendants() -- this is better implemented in ColdC
        due to its intensive and laggy nature (you can pause()) (Brandon)
      * added task_info() -- make sure to bind it to something (Brandon)
      * new function dict_values() (Brandon)
      * SHA-1 encryption module provided by Jon Callas <jon@worldbenders.com>,
        written by Paul C. Kocher (read the copyright in shs.c for full
        information).  Changed crypt() to use SHA-1 encryption based off
        FreeBSD's MD5 crypt().  Older DES encrypted passwords can still
        be matched with 'match_crypted()' (it hooks into the system's
        crypt() if it exists). (Brandon)
      * fixed a leak in method_info() (Miro)
      * optimized fgetstring() (Brandon)
      * allow "\t" like "\n" etc, when converting to buffers, need to
        eventually change this to be the actual characters. (Brandon)
      * changed fread() on text to eat all meta characters (it converts
        \t to a space). (Brandon)


-Brandon Gillespie