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[COLD] How easy is it to animate things in ColdX

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Tue Nov 26 04:04:26 1996 )

Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 01:53:46 -0800
From: Frank Crowell <frankc@maddog.com>
To: Cold Stuff <coldstuff@cold.org>

How easy is it to animate objects and NPCs in ColdX?
Anyone have samples such as triggered events, roving
NPCs, fuses, and other animated type objects?

I know that Kipp is working on a ColdX version of Paradigm.
Paradigm is a Diku-like mud and so it deals with healing,
and roving mobs and corpses decaying.  Anyone else
doing related stuff?

I've stolen a theme that I want to develop:

"How'd you like to be livin' in a town like this, with everthing
a-rottin' and a-dyin', an' boarded-up
     monster cawlin' an' bleatin' an' barkin' an' hopping' around black
cellars an' attics every way ye turn?" 

            -H.P. Lovecraft 
            -"Shadows Over Innsmouth" 

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Frank Crowell frankc@maddog.com