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New Coldmud setting up, Problems and Questions for the rest of us

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon Dec 13 05:57:18 1993 )

Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1993 05:59:43 -0500
From: seth@pleisto.geo.cornell.edu (Seth Cohn)
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

Well, I'm setting up a coldmud, since I got a hold of a
discless sun, and while Lambdamoo is nice, I'll try this first
to see if it's better. :)

First, Greg, your doc file was great, I tried compiling first
plain to see what the errors were, and bingo, you had the 
correction down pat.  works well.  passes the test suite.

I logged on and first thing I noticed is the annoying
messages to console.  I tried a redirect, but that didn't work.
./coldmud world > log &     did not stop the messages from coming
to my own terminal.  any ideas?

Third: I tried a simple command: @dig down to Sethus' Workshop
no go.  Tried again, no go.

here's the log from the third try (same results as previous)

Trying ...
Connected to pleisto.geo.cornell.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.

[welcome message]

* * * Connected * * *
You see nothing special.
[I typed: @dig anyway to Sethus's Third Workshop]

Created new room $room3.
ERROR: $exit.spawn called with three arguments, requires one.
Thrown by interpreter opcode MESSAGE.
~numargs in $nowhere.make_exit (defined on $room), line 8
~methoderr in $programmer1.dig_to_cmd (defined on $builder), line 10
~methoderr in $programmer1.parse_command (defined on $user), line 10
~methoderr in $programmer1.parse_command (defined on $programmer), line 12

This is basically an out of the box error.  So I figure this is worth
posting, since Greg isn't the only one who can answer it. :)

Also, the world-0.4 is pretty sparse, anyone got a decent DB built
that I can scarf up? I'm not in the mood to start from almost scratch
unless I have to.

I'm willing to create a manual for coding (since I'll be learning it at the
same time, should be a good beginner's intro by the time I get done.) so
I'm looking for as much solid stuff to build a good core as I can get.