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Cold World 0.5 release

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Thu Dec 16 03:44:03 1993 )

From: ghudson@MIT.EDU
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 93 03:24:50 EST
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

I have released Cold World 0.5 on ftp.ccs.neu.edu.

I have rewritten the object initialization code, which will affect
people's init() methods.  I have also rewritten a lot of the
connection-handling code to be more flexible.

Cold World is now a real mud, on glacier.mit.edu 6666.  The cname
"glacier" for the machine will hopefully come through tomorrow; in the
meantime, the IP address is (this may change if I move it
to, say, a Linux box in my dorm room after I have networking; the
hostname probably won't change).  The server is running on an old,
slow Vax 3100, which should be an interesting test of the server's
speed if it gets very much activity.

I haven't worked out a collaboration policy yet, but new players will
be programmers when they log in.  I don't guarantee that the database
is stable, although I hope not to have to revamp the core code to the
point of requiring a database restart from scratch after this release
of Cold World.  I'm also not backing up the database (apart from the
usual hourly checkpoint to local disk), although I may start doing

There is currently only 15MB free on the local disk partition, which
isn't much growing room; however, I should be able to get a Linux box
up on the net by February and move the mud (and the machine name)
there, if it looks like I need more space.  (I also hope to have upgraded to something with 400MB of local disk, but that
may not happen until next summer.)

The mud isn't really ready to be public; the layout is rather pathetic
right now.  It's mostly for testing and development.