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[COLD] Genesis p37

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Fri Sep 19 11:12:03 1997 )

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 08:56:31 -0600 (MDT)
From: Brandon Gillespie <brandon@roguetrader.com>
To: coldstuff@cold.org

Genesis 1.0p37 is available.  It integrates many changes from the last
'stable' release of p30+.  It is, for the most part, stable.  There are
some odd problems which have been reported about connection hangings--but
I can't seem to reproduce them, and there is still the task cancelling
problem (sometimes task '1' shows up in the suspended task list, and
killing it causes the server to crash). 

Short of these two problems, and one more which I can't reproduce, the
driver is nearly rock stable.  PLEASE let us know of any problems, we want
to put out 1.1-STABLE soon, but we want to make sure the known problems
are cleaned up.

For full information, the CHANGES entries are included at the end of this
message.  You can get the driver from:




Changes Log, from p30

1.0-37 [18-Sep-97] Brandon
      * added 'partial or 'full option to $http.encode(), default
        is 'full, if 'partial is given it will only encode what
        is required for the path part of an HTTP URL (Brandon)
      * fixed fflush(): was erroring when it shouldn't be (Brandon)
      * fixed an ordering problem when .disconnect() was called, after
        a lot of urging by Jeff Kesselman ;b (Brandon)
      * fixed a bug in native .ip() -- wasn't referencing right var (Brandon)
      * added explicit close in errfile and logfile, if needed (Brandon)
      * coldcc will now whine in some cases where data isn't formatted
        correctly, with a var definition (Brandon)
      * depth search of ancestors on $root was returning [] not [$root]
      * buf_to_str*() was removing '\t' instead of translating it to a space
1.0-36 [10-Jul-97] Brandon
      * fixed bug which was saying #0 ($sys) was invalid (Brandon)
1.0-35 [09-Jul-97] Brandon
      * fixed a bug in compiling $names in textdumps.
      * fixed a bug with #-xx becoming #xx again.
1.0-34 [07-Jul-97] Brandon
      * removed descendants()--its algorithm is inherently flawed and
        may misorder objects if a parent loop exists and parents are
        on different levels (Brandon)
      * changed textdumping to use a variation on the original scheme
        with searches, but instead using Hash (Brandon)
      * adjusted configure a little more, to handle ~user escapes
        on systems where ~user escapes does not work (Brandon)
1.0-33 [03-Jul-97] Brandon, Brad
      * Negative objnums are allowed, and now represent invalid aspects
        of the respective number (so #-1525 would represent the objnum
        for an invalid object #1525.  This is used when textdumping) (Brandon)
      * fixed bug/default which caused all warnings to never appear
        when using coldcc (the -W option was always on) (Brandon)
      * pause() while atomic will now act like resume() (Brandon)
      * coldcc will always run atomically (Brandon)
      * changed how UCASE/LCASE work for better cacheing (Brandon)
      * Fixed a problem in configure (Brandon)
      * niggled here and there from purify warnings (Brandon/Brad)
1.0-32 [01-Jul-97] Miro, Brandon, others
      * Crufted up configure to include install information.  Crufted
        up base makefile, install actually installs now (Brandon)
      * Cleaned up some ANSI incompatabilities (Brandon)
      * Added 'dnsserv' which is a seperate server running on port 1153,
        A cold server can connect to this and have it do DNS lookups.
        This allows for asynchronous lookups direct from the database
        using network sockets, instead of hacking a fork/pipe system
        directly into the driver--for db implementation help, see:
      * fixed bug in scatter assignments (Patrick, Miro, Brad)
      * updated list_union() to use Hash in the top-end situations
        where more than twelve elements exist overall (Miro)
1.0-31 [26-Jun-97] Brandon
      * fixed bug with bufidx().. was using the wrong var and reading
        out of its memory bounds (Brandon)
      * fixed float parsing a bit, [1..2] is now functional again,
        bad floats '2.' now throw ~parse, and ints ending a line
        will not become a float (Brandon)
      * searching no longer guarantee's redundancy checks--it only
        guarantee's it in the cache--if an object is swapped to disk
        its search counter is reset.  Before now searching was making
        objects dirty, and causing a lot of unecessary writing.  This
        will effect anything which uses searching as a means to only
        check an object once.  (Brandon)
      * added an internal data type Hash which is a stripped version
        of the Dict, without keys (Brandon)
      * rewrote ancestors() because of the searching change (using Hash
        instead), also added in breadth ordered as well--send a symbol
        argument of 'depth or 'breadth to specify which order.  Added
        descendants(), which is always breadth (Brandon).
      * changed textdump to use descendants() instead of search (Brandon)