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Coldmud 0.10, Cold World 0.6 release

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon Jan 3 23:10:11 1994 )

From: ghudson@MIT.EDU
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 94 23:06:46 EST
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

I've released Coldmud 0.10 and Cold World 0.6 on ftp.ccs.neu.edu in
pub/mud/servers/coldmud.  I've also released updated documentation.
The postscript manual is now only in double-sided format, although it
should print fine single-sided.

The changes in these releases are numerous; here's the 0.10 release
changes notes:

(See test/TRACKING for bug-tracking information.)

0.10 (1/3/94)
	Bug fixes:
		(0.9-1) Error messages for some admin functions
		(0.9-2) Error checking in op_index() was wrong.
		(0.9-3) explode() didn't work on multi-character
			token separators.
		(0.9-4) Checking for changing root's parents in
			op_chparents() was wrong.
		(0.9-5) explode() now checks for 0-length separators.
		(0.9-6) tostr() on dictionaries was slightly broken.
		(0.9-7) echo() returned 0 instead of 1.
		(0.9-8) dict_del() was corrupting dictionaries.
		(0.9-9) Deleting an object didn't mark the db as
			dirty, although it modifies the db, so that
			you could have a "clean" database with missing
		(0.9-10) data() was leaking object reference counts.
		(0.9-11) Frob keys in dictionaries could be lost.
		(0.9-12) class() was leaking dbref reference counts.
		(0.9-13) op_message() error used a discarded
		(0.9-14) delete() was failing on sublists of lists.
		(0.9-15) While creating a dictionary, checking for
			 duplicates was faulty and could produce an
			 inconsistent hash table.
	Regular expression matching is now case-insensitive by
		default.  An optional third argument can be specified
		to make it case-sensitive.
	Whitespace is now stripped at the end of text-dump lines, so
		trailing tabs and spaces are irrelevant.  (This was
		biting a number of people.)  Also, unprintables are
		stripped from text dump lines.
	explode() now takes an optional third argument indicating that
		it should include blank tokens if there is a sequence
		of two or more token separators or if there is a token
		separator at the beginning or end of the string.
	Added error_str().
	Fixed some compatibility problems with compilation, and made
		it more palatable to compile under BSD 4.3.
	Started using SO_REUSEADDR to help with binding to the port
	random() is now 1-based.
	Added buffer type.  The 'parse' message now comes with a buffer,
		instead of with a line.  echo() takes a buffer instead
		of a string.
	Text dumps now write to "textdump.new" and rename onto
		"textdump", to avoid problems with machines crashing
		during text dumps.
	Now performing sanity checking to catch object reference count
	Dbrefs are now numeric; $foobar is a "name" which evaluates to a
		dbref.  The text dump format has a 'name' command to set
		names, and there's also set_name(), del_name(), and
		get_name().  The functions toint() and todbref() have new
	Added db_top().  It will go away in 0.11 or 0.12, though, so it's
		not documented.
	Added dict_add_elem() and dict_del_elem().