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Re: [COLD] GDBM for windows

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Tue Nov 25 23:45:23 1997 )

Reply-To: "Robert Bradley" <bradleyr@mscomm.com>
From: "Robert Bradley" <bradleyr@mscomm.com>
To: "Brandon Gillespie" <brandon@roguetrader.com>, <coldstuff@cold.org>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 20:32:56 -0800

I'll definatly keep an eye out for it.


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From: Brandon Gillespie <brandon@roguetrader.com>
To: coldstuff@cold.org <coldstuff@cold.org>
Date: Monday, November 24, 1997 10:22 PM
Subject: [COLD] GDBM for windows

>Does anybody have a GDBM implementation/port for windows that compiles
>under Borland C++?  I was about to compile win32 binaries for 1.1-stable
>and I found the gdbm zip file I have (and the one online) is corrupt.
>Any help would be appreciated.