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Mail List rebuilds

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Thu Sep 10 08:26:05 1998 )

Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 05:43:22 -0600
From: Brandon Gillespie <brandon@cold.org>
To: coldstuff@cold.org, resubscribe@cold.org

Due to a hard drive failure on ice (the central server for the Cold
Project)--which happened during a window where no backups had occurred
for a while, the mailing lists were lost.  I have rebuilt the lists from
logfiles, but they are likely to be incomplete.  Therefore we need to
rebuild the lists--the best way we can determine to do this is simply
ask everybody to re-subscribe to the lists they wish to be on.  This
may not get everybody, but if you know somebody who was on one of the
old lists feel free to forward this notice to them.

We have also taken this opportunity to rearrange the lists a little,
the new lists (all @cold.org) are:

  coldstuff          General discussion for Cold topics
  cold-announce      Public announcements by anybody for Cold related
                     things (server openings, code releases, etc)
  genesis            General discussion for the ColdC driver/interpreter
                     Genesis.  Bug reports, questions and development
                     discussion will occur on this list.
  genesis-announce   Announcements for the ColdC driver/interpreter Genesis
  genesis-p          Genesis patch submission list, feel free to send
                     any patches here.
  coldcore           General ColdCore discussion, also *coldcore on the
                     Cold Dark.
  coldcore-announce  Announcements for ColdCore, usually release and
                     errata information.

You can find out if you are on a list using the 'which' command, which
has the following syntax (varying from the normal):

   You can look for other addresses, or parts of an address, by specifying 
   an address pattern to search for.  Majordomo will search for the name 
   based upon if there is an at-sign in the pattern, and where.  This is
   best explained with examples: 

        which jqpublic
        which jqpublic@
        which pub@my-isp.com 

   The first two examples are exactly equivalent, and will search for an   
   exact match of any user 'jqpublic' at ANY host.  The last example will
   search for the string 'pub' as a part of any username at the domain
   'my-isp.com' or any of its subdomains (such as 'mail.my-isp.com').

From the log entry rebuilds I have recreated coldstuff, the same addresses
were subscribed to cold-announce, and users on genesis were instead added
to genesis-announce, and the same with the old coldcore list.  I appologise
profusely for the inconvenience this may cause.  You can subscribe to these
lists by sending a message to majordomo@cold.org, with a body of:

    subscribe <list>

Where <list> is the mailing list to which you wish to subscribe.  You can
include multiple subscribe lines in the same message.