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New Cold RPG Seeks Users

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed Sep 23 21:13:04 1998 )

From: nolan_d@mail.utexas.edu
Date: 24 Sep 1998 01:03:36 -0000
To: cold-announce@cold.org


For the past 10 months or so, I have been developing a Cold-based RPG,
which is based on Origin Systems' Wing Commander series, as well as
some elements of the Privateer games. Recently, I have acquired a
high-speed net connection, and have begun to consider
opening. At this point, though, certain portions of the code which I
would like to have completed are not yet, and the database is
undergoing a port from ColdHope 0.15A to ColdCore 3.0A10. Furthermore,
the game doesn't even have a name. :)

So, I am hoping to recruit a few competent ColdC coders to assist in
the design of the game's space system, as well as future systems such
as my ambitious plans for an economy. Though the space system is built
on what I feel to be a very solid foundation, I feel that it can be
greatly optimized, and that two or more minds would be better than one
for such a project. Furthermore, my schedule is becoming increasingly
busier, and I no longer have the time which I had to dedicate to
coding and debugging. Though I have not made a final decision on this,
I am considering releasing the code of the space system after
considerably more effort has been done to add new functionality and
clean up the code. Since several such systems exist for MUSHes, it
only makes sense that the ColdC community should have such code at its
disposal, as well.

Even if you aren't interested in coding, please give it a look. I am
searching for builders who have some knowledge of the Wing Commander
universe, as well as folks who are skilled at writing documentation. I
would also welcome anyone with knowledge of MU* administration who is
willing to assist with policy creation issues, as well as the creation
and coordination of a roleplaying team.

If you are interested, feel free to drop by at either
resnet-21-197.dorm.utexas.edu ports 1138 and 1238. 1138 is the
ColdHope code on which everything is functional, while 1238 still has
several major bugs due to the ongoing porting efforts. Hope to see you
there! :)

                                           Nolan Darilek
                                         ICQ UIN: 15709478

                "Be sure and put some of those neutrons on it."
        -Mike Smith, Baseball pitcher, ordering a salad at a restaurant