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Re: Text Dump Structure

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed Nov 17 18:03:11 1999 )

From: "Bruce Mitchener, Jr." <bruce@puremagic.com>
To: <coldstuff@cold.org>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 14:09:48 -0800
Reply-To: coldstuff@cold.org

Ian Klimon wrote:
> I've been going through the ColdC reference material
> lately and it appears that the Text Dump Structure
> information is missing.  I was wondering if this
> information is available somewhere?

Not really, except for in the source to Genesis/coldcc,
or by reading a sample textdump.  However, if you take
the route of reading a textdump, there are commands that
can be used and understood by coldcc that aren't used in
a coldcore textdump.

 - Bruce