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RE: Reference Manual updates

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I'd think that postscript would be a decent distribution format--it's pretty much open, standardised, and, in other words, good. It prints nicely, and easily, too.

TeX prints nicely, too, but... hm.

HTML makes it nicely and easily embedable in any web site.


My religious preference:
Put textual documents in SGML (or XML, if you want to be trendy), and define a system for transforming them into HTML and TeX or whatever other formats you really need to have them in (plaintext included).


You might consider RTF.  It is simple, cross-platform, and will support most of the nice features from Word without trouble (tables, headers, fonts, etc.).

Postscript can be a pain in windows. HTML is not really great for maintaining text.  And TeX is worse. Especially for Windows.  RTF has been a reasonable in-between for other projects I've worked on.