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DB corruption... urg. (long, gory)

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon Jul 10 07:34:21 2000 )

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 04:23:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeremy Weatherford <xidus@xidus.net>
To: coldstuff@cold.org
Reply-To: coldstuff@cold.org


I just encountered a very real occurrence of DB corruption.  I don't know
the hows or whys, although I do have a copy of the corrupt binary DB, if
anyone with the know-how wants to poke around in it.  This message is
somewhat long, and includes details about the problems.

Basically, I've been doing some heavy coding in my own core lately, and I
decided to make a fresh textdump for reference.  I ran backup() in the
core, went to a shell prompt, typed bin/coldcc -d -b binary.bak -t
textdump, and got a PANIC from coldcc:

[xidus@bork XidusCore]$ bin/coldcc -d -b binary.bak/ -t	textdump
Binary database free space: 59.57%
Writing to "textdump"..
Decompiling $anonymous...[10 Jul 2000 4:08] PANIC: Invalid data type
[10 Jul 2000 4:08] doing binary dump...Done
[10 Jul 2000 4:08] Creating Core Image...Aborted

I got really scared at this point, and wrote a quick routine to dump all
of my methods into a logfile, since it had been a while since my last
textdump backup.

I decided I was ready to try shutting down the game, to see if the problem
was in the backup() call somehow.  I shut down, tried to dump a DB, exact
same problem.  I tried starting using bin/genesis, and predictably, that
failed as well.

Poking around in the debugger, I found that it was choking on $user, an
object I haven't touched in weeks -- this makes me very curious as to what
exactly caused the corruption, since I certainly wasn't doing anything
special with that object.  In fact, it's possible that I hadn't even
changed it since the last (successful) textdump.

I managed to get a partial textdump out of coldcc by convincing it to skip
the $user object (and its children) using gdb.  Amazingly, the entire rest
of the DB is intact -- it's just the $user object that was borked.

The backtrace looks something like:

#0  0x2ab24241 in __kill () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1  0x2ab23ea9 in raise () from /lib/libc.so.6
#2  0x806125c in catch_SIGFPE (sig=135565336) at sig.c:67
#3  0x805dd4b in panic (s=0x8080f98 "Invalid data type") at log.c:34
#4  0x805945d in unpack_data (data=0x8149010, fp=0x80c5000) at
#5  0x80582f0 in unpack_list (fp=0x80c5000) at dbpack.c:216
#6  0x805966a in unpack_object (obj=0x80b7a00, fp=0x80c5000) at
#7  0x805799e in db_get (object=0x80b7a00, objnum=21) at binarydb.c:444
#8  0x8056297 in cache_retrieve (objnum=21) at cache.c:182
#9  0x804e346 in dump_object (objnum=21, fp=0x80c5f00, objnames=0 '\000')
    at textdb.c:1409
(followed by lots of dump_object calls)

The exact point where it dies appears to be unpacking the children list of
$user, #21.  At frame #5 (dbpack.c:216), len == 259, which is
unreasonable.  $user should have had around 6 or 7 children.  I also
noticed that at line 798 in dbpack.c, when it unpacks the parents, it
reads a value of -1 for the parent list's length.  $user should have had 3

Anyway... recovery wasn't -too- bad, but I'm really wondering about Cold's
stability.  This wasn't even on an active game, although I'm playing with
the coding a lot.  Does anyone have any idea at all what kind of activity
causes DB corruption like this?

I have a copy of the corrupted binary available for anyone who's
interested, just contact me.

BTW... ColdC rocks my happy little world.  I'm having a blast with the
language and the entire concept of run-time mutability.  I just wish I
didn't have to worry about DB stability now... grr.

Jeremy Weatherford