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Re: Genesis 1.1.9 - STABLE

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed Jan 10 05:30:58 2001 )

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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 03:16:16 -0700
From: Bruce <bruce@puremagic.com>
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Hi Allen,

Allen Noe wrote:
> Sounds good. If you find you don't have time, I could
> tack the second arg on the stack(TID) code -- it looks
> like I'd need to make an INIT_0_TO_2_ARGS, but that
> looks relatively simple.

This is a matter of about 5-10 minutes of work.  I'll knock it
out tomorrow or Thursday.

> > Are there other outstanding patches or have you created new ones
> > since this original post?  Also, I -know- that some of the work
> > that I'm aiming to get into this next release will break Win32 as
> > it brings in the use of Posix threads.
> No new patches, but there's a little module I wrote
> -- nothing really widely useful, and the copyright isn't
> clear on it. If anybody is interested, I could try to
> clarify the copyright enough to let it be put in the
> main source. It has natives that do the following:
> 1. The equivalent of strlen for a certain kind of
>    buffer: basically a plain string which may or
>    may not contain VT100 color codes (ESC[n;n;nm).
> 2. The equivalent of subrange for the same sort of
>    buffer.
> 3. Delete certain strings from a list and merge certain
>    remaining other strings.

This is interesting.  I've written code in concert with the "The
Eternal City" people that does similar things for other formats
of strings. (ANSI and another similar format).  This sounds like
an interesting thing to make native for them as well.  I might
enjoy comparing notes on this, if nothing else to compare
implementation strategies.  Could you drop by the Cold Dark at
some point?

> As for pthreads, I believe they can be .. er .. "simulated"
> using Win32 API calls, but would it be too much to ask to
> surround the bits that need pthreads with ifdefs so they
> could be compiled out? It would improve portability greatly,
> not just to Win32.

That can probably be done.  It'll mean losing some new features
though when you turn off the ifdefs.  The features are mainly for
scalability though and not likely to be as applicable to the
typical mud running on Genesis.  (I'm mainly doing this work to
help out "The Eternal City", so its needs are what are motivating
me in my choice of what to work on.)

 - Bruce