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Re: pow wow

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Wed May 11 00:48:45 1994 )

Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 22:43:58 -0600 (MDT)
From: the Lyncx <BRANDON@cc.usu.edu>
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

<> I want to have a Pow-Wow of whomever is interested.  What we will discuss
<> is the directions of development we will be taking with the Cold Dark--and
<                                                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<> it's core--in the future.  Let us tenatively schedule it for May 18th
<> (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm (dont know how this works with SamIAm/Australia).
< Do you mean ColdMUD?

No, I said the Cold Dark.

< And why is a meeting of any sort in order?
< Any ideas that can be shared at a meeting can just as easily be sent to this
< list.

Well, actually, the idea of a "meeting" is to get real time interaction and
bouncing around of ideas, rather than a disjointed email discussion.

< If you really do mean tCD, why post to this list about it?

Because its a ColdMUD?

< Or do you think the tCD core is the only decent core, since we all know
< world 6 bites?

Quit trying to find stuff where it doesn't exist (including enemies).  Until
today I was unaware that any other ColdMUDs were even currently running (your
old address at donal wasn't working).  I'm posting this meeting to this list as
many people have expressed interest in the Cold Dark core and I would like
everybodies input on what they want to see.


(BTW, for Australians and others the time has been bumped to 10:00 pm Mountain
time (9:00 pacific; 11/12 Central/Eastern--and I don't know about
australian/european--other than that it is in the morning)).