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daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Tue May 17 22:54:52 1994 )

Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 20:51:56 -0600 (MDT)
From: the Lyncx <BRANDON@cc.usu.edu>
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

<>    bind()        -- it doesn't work for more than 1 port
< Could you be more elaborate about this?  Are you passing in the 'more
< than one part' as arguments to a single bind call (which is
< incorrect), or doing several bind() calls?  If you're doing the
< latter, what do you mean by "it doesn't work"?

Sorry, I could have sworn I spoke about this once already.  Ok, from the

bind(port, receiver)


I created a method on $sys called bind:

@program $sys.bind
 arg port, obj;

 if (caller() != $net)
   throw(~perm, "Sender is not $net.");
 (> bind(port, obj) <);

Called by $network (obviously).  $net.bind:

@program $net.bind
 arg port;

 .perms(sender(), 'system);
 $sys.bind(port, this());

Now, I eval $net.bind(12345) and receive:

! => Couldn't bind to port 12345.
!    Thrown by function bind().
!    ~bind: 0.bind (0) line: 5
!    ~bind: $net.bind ($net) line: 4
!    ~methoderr: $lynx.tmp_eval ($lynx) line: 5
!    ~methoderr: $lynx.eval ($root) line: 16

Basically, I have tried all sorts of variations and different
objects/ports/etc.  None work, and as far as I know none are being used
currently.  Since it DOES obviously bind to the first port, I would assume this
is just a bug where it cannot bind to any more ports after the first one (?).


(OH, and those two methods were quickies to test it out -- dont bother about
security with them).