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daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon May 23 20:21:57 1994 )

Date: Mon, 23 May 1994 14:39:53 -0700
From: rayn@q.crossaccess.com (Ray Nawara jr.)
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU

<staggering from severe wounds, Ash struggles onward>

 Well, I already gave you that times wasnt too crucial, my major
objection in the last post was that you can turn off logging in DB.  I
dont rember the level of detail of the logs (i thoguth it was pretty
high, but mebe that cam be set, and i hust ran it at a high level by
default) But what i think it the important thing for a logging method
is that it (the log) cant be changed from the database. Even given the
stopping of logging in db (which makes me vaguely queasy) at this
stage you'd theoretically see everything up to the point where $sys
was hacked, and I had underestimated the importance of $sys, so at
this stage if $sys has been hacked, the db is untrustworthy, and
should be checked severely. On the other hand, someone could hack a
current admin account, and then stop logging, and then add a new
admin, then start logging again. (wow i should start writing fiction,
im getting good at these fantastical hacking episodes, eh?)

cant anyone who can eval as an admin modify $sys? that moves it back
to hacking any admin code that'll allow something to be eval'd instead
of having to hack the presumable well safeguarded $sys. I'm probably
wrong, but then again i dont mind being wrong, because thats how i
learn something ;)

But is still dont like log changes in-db, other than an added line.