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Re: A thought

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sun Jun 19 02:54:39 1994 )

From: image@sage.cc.purdue.edu (Jeff T.P.)
To: BRANDON@cc.usu.edu
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 94 1:47:33 EST
In-Reply-To: <01HDOUO5HNPEC1D7YW@cc.usu.edu>; from "BRANDON@cc.usu.edu" at Jun 18, 94 2:01 pm

Original quote by BRANDON@cc.usu.edu:

> This hit me last night.  Why hardcode which objects can call a builtin?  Rather
> than doing that set it up so every builtin can be bound to an object.  Then
> upon startup the first method bound is the one which binds the others, from
> there all the "system" methods are bound to $sys (or whatever, perhaps

I like this, except then there's the problem of the binding information 
being all over the place (if I'm not misunderstanding you).  I would like 
to see all of the builtins callable only by $sys (or some other object) 
in a related but unrelated comment.  Perhaps if there were someway to 
bind the in-db with the builtins, but do it all in one chunk so that you 
can look at it real quick and change it all.  Since my own db (RyouKold) 
has very little on $sys itself, I wouldn't mind forcing all builtins 
through the $sys object.  

I can't think of an easy way to go about this though.  (Am I making 
sense?  I doubt it.)  Well, I can think of one, bind_builtin(db_obj), but 
do we need another poorly named builtin.  (find_method and 
find_next_method should have been find_definer, and so on.  Oh well, I 
came around too late to put my two cents in about that.)

For anyone who is wondering.  I am working on a database I call 
RyouKold.  I was nearly finished with RyouKore (A LambdaMOO Core) when I 
compiled ColdMud on my roommate's Linux Box without a hitch and switched 
immediately.  RyouKold is based strongly on what I think LambdaCore could 
have been.  It's probably not as elegant as ColdDark, but then I'm just 
learning about true OOP.  I'm trying to build a standard naming system 
for methods, properties, etc.  The names aren't always quite as 
descriptive, but they fit into a mold and are easier to remember that way.

RyouKold will have an editor similar in design to the LambdaMOO editor, a 
mail room (as well as simple mail commands), and hopefully a HTML parser 
with all the helpfiles available offline.  I'm not sure about the HTML 
part.  As a bonus, I'm finally killing off the damn '@' commands.  The @ 
is a prefix for builder commands, '+' for programmers, and '&' is for 
admins.  I think I have '.' (dot or period) commands too, those are for 
out-of-database information.  Hopefully this will be a stride forward in 
IESes and MUDs alike.  (The reason for the prefixes is that then you can 
use commands at a lower level than you are.  Admins don't always need, or 
want, to use their all-powerful commands.)

I babbled.  Ooops.
"All of the rumours
 keeping me grounded
 I never said (I never said) that they were
 completely unfounded." - Morrissey, "Speedway" from _Vauxhall and I_