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Re: assignment, while (etc)

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sat Sep 24 16:27:52 1994 )

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 1994 16:22:47 -0400
From: Quinn Avery <quinn@Access.Mountain.Net>
To: ghudson@MIT.EDU, stewarta@netcom.com
Cc: BRANDON@cc.usu.edu, coldstuff@MIT.EDU

:| Okay, I'm done for now.  A final note: "with handler" is there for
:| readability.  You can reclaim one of the keywords if you like, but
:| I think it will make the catch construct less readable for new
:| programmers (although "handler" alone is pretty reasonable).

I think 'catch {} with {}' is a lot more readable than
        'catch {} handler {}'.

My vote for the former.

To whomever's listening/hacking...