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Re: driver database dumping

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon Oct 31 19:07:56 1994 )

From: rayn@crossaccess.com
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 16:02:28 -0800
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
In-Reply-To: <9410312336.AA19708@petersboro.declab.usu.edu> (brandon@petersboro.declab.usu.edu)

re: dumping objects with dbref instead of obnum.

This would be nice, especially if it allowed renumbering. 
I had some wierd cases, where I was editing a textdump that was running (doh!)
where the obnum's chaged, so that when I saved the textdump, things were 
way messed up. How does that relate to this?
(the solution was to not edit a textdump in use ;)

	Ray   (Ash)