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daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Sun Nov 6 20:30:58 1994 )

From: brandon@avon.declab.usu.edu
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 94 18:25:27 -0700

This is a mix of fixes by Richelieu and me.  Changes list:

 * fixed several compiler warnings (Alex Stewart)
 * Updated the filetree (from the 0.10 distribution).  File tree now is:

      538 Makefile                -- runs configure, archive, or moves to src
      747 README
      512 bin/
      407 bin/coldstart*          -- sh script to start the server
      383 coldstop*               -- emergency shutdown script (uses .pid file)
      456 bin/dumpbuild*          -- sh script to rebuild a 'dumpsplit' core
                                     this is faster and more efficient than
                                     dumpunsplit, and renumbers the objects
                                     (assuming you used the more recent
                                     dumpsplit by Colin).  However, you must
                                     manually set the objnum for sys to 0.
     2342 bin/dumpsplit*          -- Zachary/Colin's textdump splitting script.
      112 bin/get-output.pl*      -- used by test-coldmud
       59 bin/prune-output.pl*    -- used by test-coldmud
      502 bin/test-coldmud*       -- sh script to test the driver (Greg's)
     4709 configure*              -- sh script to configure the Makefiles.
                                     This is currently a base to be build on
                                     as things progress.
      512 doc/                    -- All documentation was moved to this
                                     directory, includes an updated texi file
                                     for the manual (although it is only
                                     updated to 0.11).
      512 etc/                    -- directory to stuff configure.default and
                                     server settings. (used by scripts)
      512 logs/                   -- where logs are written, if you use the
     2560 src/                    -- source files.
      512 test/                   -- test db
      512 world/                  -- emtpy, assumedly this is where a world
                                     would go.
 * split write_log() into write_log() and write_err(), errors go to stderr,
   logs go to stdout.
 * server writes 'coldmud.pid' or '${COLD_DIR}/logs/coldmud.pid' (if COLD_DIR
   is in the environment).
 * Updated documentation (to an extent).

You can get it at:


-Brandon Gillespie (Lynx)-