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[Coldstuff] Re: The War of Frozen Roses

daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Mon Nov 7 13:16:40 1994 )

From: image@expert.cc.purdue.edu (Jeff T.P.)
To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 1994 13:11:16 -0600

> Brandon:
> Speaking from the experience of administrating the development of NetrekII
> since it's infancy ...

Good for you, bravo. . . what's your point?  What does this have to do
with coldmud?

> Colin:
> I get that Brandon's pretty confident I've made a decision, and
> that it was the wrong decision, in regard to ":=" and the other
> confectionary.

Bravo, good for you. . . what's your point?  What does this have to do
with coldmud?

Last time I checked, when I subscribed, this list was for the purpose of
talking about coldmud; not quibbling with one another.  It's become
annoying.  My mailbox has been filled with some messages that really
have nothing to do with coldmud at all.

It's difficult to sort through all this garbage and find any information
at all.  I maintain the skimpy FAQ as it is, but if I every message
wasn't cloutted with so much garbage maybe I could find some more
information to actually provide in the FAQ.  So far, 1 out of every 5
pieces of mail I have are from Brandon espousing his hate for people's
divine intervention trips (the proper term for which is 'arguing from
Trancendence').  The next few messages following Brandon's then become
letters of defense.

If you are going to have a flame war (no matter how small the flames)
then keep it in your mailbox.  I don't want 10 messages a day unless
they have some actual content.

*  *  *

And now the part about ColdMud:

Things I support:

'=' as assignment and not ':=' or anything else.  '=' is a long term
standard in several languages, as well as C and C++ which C-- is based.
Also '=' has been with C-- since the beginning which makes changes
awkward and annoying.  Why change it if it isn't broke?

'=' as an expression is not a bad idea.  Again, C and C++ allow
assignment as an expression.  Although not originally part of C--, it is
an additive that many long term C programmer's find useful.  It does
detract from the structure, but it also makes certain code easier to
read (for programmers).  In the past, many languages have made the
mistake of trying to 'dumb-down' the language for the general public.
These languages, however, usually ended up doing nothing but frustrating
the 'real' programmers who needed to do something in that language.  The
best thing about the '=' as an expression change is that it is
transparent.  If you don't use it, who will care. . .

Task timeouts.  These are better off to be second based, as ticks from
what I understand, become a rather arbitrary measurement when taken to
different machines.  I do not have a full understanding of what exactly
a tick is however.  Would someone clairify this for me?

Other questions I have:

What exactly is new in Version 0.12?  If there's a History file then
just tell me that and I'll go look for myself.

What is the current task suspension system like, how do you use it?  If
you could, explain it in relation to LambdaMOO for recent converts.

Is anyone still running a Cold Web Server?  I want to get the FAQ on it.

Thanks guys.  Cheer up and smile a bit.  This list is getting to grim
and we're gonna scare away the weak-hearted.  Let's turn them into
"cold-hearted fools."  (:
Life In The So-Called Information Age . . .
                      . . . One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Treasure.