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daemon@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (Thu Nov 10 00:10:18 1994 )

To: coldstuff@MIT.EDU
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 23:07:16 -0600
From: Zachary  <zachary@pentagon.io.com>

After wading through the whining, and ignoring most of it, here's my $.02:

I noticed someone (Brandon?) had written a piece of code he called 'dumpbuild'
which was supposed to be able to put a dumpsplit core back together if you
manually renumbered sys to 0, but much faster.  I dunno 'bout the
renumbering stuff, but if he can spiffy it up to work the same as
dumpunsplit, I have no problem with him calling it 'dumpunsplit 2.0' or
something. Just ack me in the credits :)

On the '=' vs ':=' debate:

Give up.  Support both by either globally making := a synonym for = or
by providing 1) a server patch to fix the server and 2) a (well thought
out) dump-converter (should convert =->:= and :=->= ).  Yes, this is a
kludgy answer, but I think there are more important things real server
hackers should be worrying about that what an equals sign should look

On = as an expression:

Greg specifically left this out.  On purpose.  He is/was trying to
encourage vertical code organization.  I'm happy to leave it at that, but
then, I'm pretty easygoing...

On do{}while{} :

I don't see the need, and would really rather folks concentrate on more
complex and pressing issues like task management, core design, and error


All in all, I'd rather see people working more and
griping/philosophizng/flaming less.  But that's just me :)


PS: One of the best ways to get your way is to present people with fait